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PICARE大會將調整於20201212-13高雄國際會議中心 (ICCK)舉辦。期間我們由衷感謝邀請配合參與的國際及台灣本土講師,此次大會將會以視訊的方式呈現國際講師的內容,台灣本土保育相關議題演講則是維持現場呈現。
TEZVA主席 朱哲助、FVMA理事長 馮宗宏 敬上

PICARE Announcement for General Public

To whom may concern,
We hope everyone is well and safe with family and love ones.
Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, unfortunately, many countries are still suffering the biggest health issue of mankind in the 21 century. Although the pandemic is well under control in Taiwan, the government regulation requires a strict 14-day-quarantine for any traveler that enters Taiwan. Considering the safety of traveling and the risk of spreading of the disease. We have made this difficult decision to announce that the format of PICARE will be modified to an alternative platform. We are deeply sorry for the disappointment that you may have, we want to sincerely acknowledge our appreciation for your supports.
The PICARE event will be taking place on Dec 12th -13th 2020 in International Convention Center Kaohsiung (ICCK), Kaohsiung, Taiwan as a live event conjunction with Taiwan Exotics Conference (TEC) annual meeting. We appreciate the kind support of following speakers Charly Pignon, Paolo Selleri, Dan Johnson, and David Hannon to provide virtual master classes that will be screened at the live conference. We are grateful for the kind support of conservation master classes from the experts of Taiwan that will be presenting live at the conference.   
January this year, we received abstracts submitted from 10 different countries, we were so grateful for the quality of participation, and the dedication of all the reviewers that helped us put together the PICARE program. However, with the traveling not being possible for the international travelers, we have decided to release all submissions, which the submitted abstract will no longer be held as the conference abstract, the authors could freely re-submit that to other paper calls. We appreciated your participation, please continue with the great work, and we hope to meet again in the near future.
For all authors residing in Taiwan, we kindly invite you to re-submit your abstract for the TEC case study session. Please let us know via email if you would be willing to submit your work for presentation on Dec 13 2020. We are grateful for your participation in the PICARE x TEC meeting.
We understand that the decision may be disappointing for all of us, but we truly wish for good health and safety for all colleagues and event partners. Please stay well, and we will meet again.
Marty Chu, President of the Taiwan Exotic and Zoo Veterinary Association (TEZVA)
Tsung-Hung Feng, President of the Formosa Veterinary Medical AssociationFVMA
(on behalf of PICARE organizing committee and TEZVA)